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Telegram is a popular messaging application in the world, it is also becoming popular in Vietnam with the number of users increasing rapidly in just the past year. If before, very few friends used Telegram, now more than half of the list of friends has used and known about Telegram. It is an inevitable trend and surely Telegram web will develop very quickly and strongly in the near future.

What is Telegram Web?

Telegram is an OTT application – the fastest and most secure social messaging network in the world. Telegram is a trend and an application used by many people. High security, fast file sending and excellent storage capacity.

Telegram is an application based on cloud computing technology and secure IP protocol. Available on application stores such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux .. and on the web

This application can text, call, video call, create groups and is specifically designed for the security of user message data, which is extremely important today.

Outstanding features of Telegram web

Being the best secure messaging application in the world, however, Telegram is easy to use and is chosen by common users. It completely meets the needs of users for daily information exchange as well as great for working, managing….

  • The best secure messaging in the world

  • Send files, images, videos, data… up to 2Gb/file and unlimited storage and number of sends

  • Highly focused on protecting user information, absolutely avoiding being viewed. hack….

  • The number of users using telegram in the world and Vietnam is currently very large.

  • Many companies, businesses and units use Telegram to exchange, study… extremely popular

Instructions for logging in and using Telegram web

Using Telegram you can install the app on your phone, on your computer with Telegram PC and on the web. Logging in on the web will help you be faster, more convenient to use and increase security. In particular, I often use Ctrl + Shift + N when using a strange computer to open an incognito tab, thereby logging in with a QR code, so it is extremely secure. When finished using, just close the browser and all data will be saved. Delete it to prevent others from accidentally accessing your account

Method 1: Log in to Telegram Web using QR code

Step 1 : Open your computer browser, access the address web.telegram.org

Step 2: Open your phone (the phone already has Telegram) and follow the steps below

Go to Settings> select Devices> Link Desktop Device

Step 3 : Put the phone camera on the computer screen to scan the QR code on the computer and select Login

Now you have completed the Telegram Web login. Now you can fully use the features on it

Method 2: Log in to Telegram Web with your PHONE NUMBER

In my opinion, logging in with a QR code is the most convenient, because it’s secure, and you don’t need to remember a password or login. However, in addition to the QR code, you can also use a phone number to log in.

Step 1: Go to web.telegram.org. You will still see the interface as above. However, you will choose ” LOG IN BY PHONE NUMBER

STEP 2 : Fill in your phone number

Note: By default, Country is Vietnam> If not, then select the appropriate Country again!

Then select NEXT to continue

Step 3 : A message containing the OTP code is sent to your phone. Enter this OTP code into the area

You get the OTP code (mine is 46173)

You will immediately be transferred to Telegram and ready to use. Extremely fast and convenient!

Benefits of using Telegram Web

I have been using Telegram since my early days, there are many interesting things to discover and because of work I also use telegram a lot. Previously, I often used Zalo to exchange work, but later I mainly used Telegram.

With Telegram web, it is really convenient because the synchronization ability is much faster than Zalo. A typical example is wanting to print a document but my computer is not connected to the printer. If I want to print it, I have to go to another computer, so I will send it to Telegram and log in on the computer with the printer and print the document. This out

The advantages of Telegram Web are worth using

Telegram web is really more useful than many other popular OTT applications today, some superior features can be mentioned as follows:

  • Send large files up to 2Gb/file . From images, videos, documents…. and there is no limit, you can send as much as you like

  • The ability to synchronize quickly, meaning that when you log in to another computer, messages, contacts, and data are immediately available without having to wait for synchronization, reloading, or resending.

  • The speed is very, very fast. Although it is an international application, using it in Vietnam is really fast and I am satisfied with this

  • Login with QR is a great feature (compared to ZALO, the sync is many times faster, compared to Mesenger Facebook, it is convenient in terms of QR login).> it is the best of all bests, the necessary of all necessary things

  • Regarding security, this is the number 1 security application in the world. I am a normal person and have nothing to hide, but well-secured data is a great advantage.

  • Some other features related to BOT may be discussed in other articles.

  • The features on Telegram web are very good, complete and almost nothing is lacking compared to the phone app version

What do you need to pay attention to in the new Telegram and Telegram web versions?

After having a super large number of users, these OTT apps have started to move to collect money (including Zalo, Snapchat…) but Telegram is a typical example of fair play. They did not cut any features, but instead, users still use them normally. The paid version has twice the functionality of the free version. For those who need to use more than usual

For example: Instead of sending 2GB/file, the paid version will be 4GB/file, and they add some better features to the Premium (paid) version.

This is really great for professional users, they can make money, work deeply, need more great features on Telegram and are willing to pay. Regular users will not have any impact

As for the free version, users still use full features such as:

  • Texting, calling, video calling…. on telegram web, mobile, PC are all possible and unlimited

  • Join more than 500 channels, groups….

  • Save Sticker, chat…. .

  • The web version does not take up hard drive space, is completely on the cloud, and the mobile version is saved to your phone and can be deleted at any time.

  • Outstandingly fast processing speed, extremely stable and never lost connection

  • Send photos, videos, large data files up to 2GB

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