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On the iPhone, there is iMessenger and Facetime, which used to be the best, but in Vietnam today, there is probably no application that can surpass Zalo web. And the one that has received a lot of attention recently is Telegram Web. gradually forgetting iMessenger, which was loved by many people before

Perhaps right from the beginning of integration, Zalo was present and became a very familiar application to Vietnamese users, and when the users were large (almost everyone using Smartphones used Zalo), contacting it was convenient. Telegram is currently expanding, the number of registrations is increasing, educational institutions, medical institutions, and schools have begun to form the habit of using Telegram as a default messaging application more and more.

Download Telegram iOS (download for iPhone, iPad, ..) Apple devices

Follow the steps here to download and install Telegram iOS quickly and simply

Step 1: Visit Apple Store > search for Telegram

Or more simply, if you use your iPhone to access the Telegram iOS download link , it will automatically open for you to download.

Step 2: Select the Receive button in Telegram Mesenger as shown to download

Step 3: Wait for AppStore to automatically download and install for you

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