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How to Delete Telegram Account Completely Fast & Simple

It is undeniable that Telegram is an application with many outstanding features and diverse utilities. However, in some cases, users decide to review and delete their Telegram accounts. If you are wondering how to delete your Telegram account , let’s find out with Telegram Web through the article below!

What causes Telegram account deletion?

Below are some important reasons why users decide to delete their Telegram accounts:

  • No longer needing to use it : One of the common reasons why users decide to delete their Telegram accounts is that they no longer need to use it. If you’ve switched to other apps or no longer feel like Telegram meets your needs, deleting your account is an affordable way to keep your app list optimized.

  • Telegram’s policies : Occasionally, changes in Telegram’s policies and terms of use may make users feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied. If you do not agree or do not want to comply with these changes, you can delete your Telegram account.

  • Don’t trust Telegram : If you are concerned about Telegram’s security level, deleting your account may be the right decision to protect your personal information.

  • Don’t have many friends on the Telegram platform : In this case, you can completely use other messaging tools to stay connected and chat with friends and relatives.

Instructions for automatically deleting Telegram accounts after a period of time

By default, Telegram will delete a user’s account if it is inactive for 6 months. However, you can completely install and adjust this time. Below are instructions on how to automatically delete your Telegram account after a default time:

  • Step 1 : Open the Telegram application on your mobile phone or computer

  • Step 2: Click on the 3-dot icon in the top left corner, then click on “Settings”

  • Step 3 : Click on “Privacy & Security”

  • Step 4 : Scroll down, you will see the item “Delete my account”, then click to select this item

  • Step 5 : Select the time period for the account to automatically cancel if inactive. There are 4 options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Instructions on how to permanently delete Telegram account

If you want to delete your Telegram account and data immediately, you can refer to the deletion steps below:

Step 1 : Go to Telegram’s account deletion support website , then enter your Telegram registration phone number and click Next.

Step 2 : The system will send a message with the authentication code to your Telegram account according to the phone number registered for your Telegram account. You choose to view the message at Telegram’s main interface and then copy the confirmation code.

Step 3 : Return to the website that supports deleting your Telegram account. In the “Confirmation code” section, paste the previously copied confirmation code. Next click “Sign in”

Step 4 : Fill in the reason for deleting the account in the “Why are you leaving” box or leave it blank, then click “Delete My Account”

Step 5 : The system will ask again for your decision to delete your Telegram account. If you really want to delete your account, click ” Yes, delete my account “. Once completed, the system will display a notification that you have successfully deleted your Telegram account. In case you do not want to delete your account anymore, click on ” Nope, I’ll give it another try “.

What happens when you delete your Telegram account?

When you decide to delete your Telegram account, all data and messages related to your Telegram account will be lost. This includes images, videos, files and any other information you may have shared while using the app.

And most importantly, once your Telegram account has been deleted, it cannot be restored. This means you will lose all information and will not be able to access the deleted account again. Therefore, consider carefully before deciding to delete your Telegram account.

Besides, Telegram will not allow users to re-establish new accounts with the same phone number for at least a few days.

Above are detailed instructions on how to delete a Telegram account . However, before doing this, you need to consider carefully. Also, make sure you back up important information before making any changes to your account. Telegram Web hopes that through sharing in the article, it will bring readers a lot of useful information!

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