block contacts on Telegram

How to block contacts on Telegram in just a few steps

Telegram is a very popular messaging application with high security and many great features. However, many users may experience harassment from unwanted messages. To solve this problem, Telegram has provided many features to limit or block messages from unnecessary users. Below are detailed instructions on how to block messages on Telegram.

Step 1: Open the Telegram application First, open the Telegram app on your mobile/computer. Make sure you’re signed in to your account.

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Step 2: Search for users to block Next, search for the user you want to block messages from. You can search using their mobile number or username. Click the magnifying glass icon on the main interface of the application and enter the mobile phone number or username in the search box.

Step 3: Access user settings Once you find the user you want to block, click on that user’s name to access their personal information page. > then select More (as shown below)

Step 4: Block users On the user’s personal information page, scroll down and find the ” Block User/Block User ” section. Click this to block users and reject messages from them.

Step 5: Confirm user blocking After clicking on the “Block user” item, Telegram will display a confirmation dialog box. Confirm that you want to block the user by clicking Block User

Step 6: Complete the blocking process Once you confirm blocking a user, Telegram will stop allowing you to receive messages from that user. All messages from blocked users will not be displayed in your inbox.

Step 7: Unblock users (optional) If you want to unblock the user later, you can do so by going to the user’s profile page and clicking ” UnBlock “.

Telegram will ask for your confirmation and then allow you to receive messages from that user back.

That’s the guide on how to block messages on Telegram. By performing the above steps, you can easily block messages from unwanted users and create a safe and comfortable messaging experience on the Telegram app.

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