Change Username on Telegram

Instructions on how to change Username on Telegram

When you want to refresh yourself, have changed your Display Name on Telegram and now want to change your Username on Telegram, how do you do it? Let’s refer to this article with Telegram web Guide!

Change Username on Telegram

  • Username on Telegram is your account name. In the Info section you will see:

  • Name: Display name

  • Phone: Phone number

  • Username: your account name

To change your Username, please refer to the following steps:

Note: This article was made on Telegram PC

Step 1 : Open the Telegram PC application

Then click on the left menu > select Setting

Step 2: Select next to my Account

Step 3: Select Username

Step 4: Change the Username to the name you want. The requirement is to write in lowercase, consecutively, without diacritics

Then Select Save to complete./

Step 5: The results after changing the Username are as follows

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