How to Free Up Telegram Space

Detailed & Easy-to-understand Instructions on How to Free Up Telegram Space

Not only is it simply a popular messaging application on the market today, it is also filled with images, videos and even animated GIFs. That’s why it usually takes up a lot of space. Understanding how to free up Telegram space is essential to help save device memory and make the application run smoother. Find out with Telegram Web below!

Why do you need to free up Telegram space?

Telegram is one of the applications that takes up the most memory space today. And the main reason why applications take up too much device memory is cache.

Specifically, when users view an image or video on Telegram, this application will use the existing Internet connection to automatically download that content. At the same time, a backup copy will be created directly on the computer and hidden (also known as cache). The larger the cache capacity, the more memory it takes up. Even if Telegram is uninstalled, the cache will still be stored on the device and the memory will not be deleted. Therefore, to free up space, it is imperative that you clear the cache.

Freeing up Telegram space brings many outstanding benefits such as:

  • Firstly , save device memory, increase storage space for photos, videos and other important files.

  • Second , help the application run smoother. Especially for low-configuration devices, freeing up space is even more important, providing a better user experience.

  • Third , save mobile data.

  • Fourth , regularly freeing up space is also a way to ensure application security and performance.

So it can be seen that freeing up Telegram space not only helps you save storage space but also enhances the experience of using the application.

Instructions for clearing cache and how to free up Telegram space in the most detail

Here are instructions on how to free up Telegram space on iPhone, Android and on PC:

On iPhone

Step 1 : Access the Telegram application on iPhone. At the interface on the Telegram iPhone application, access Settings then click on ” Data and Storage β€œ

Step 2 : Click on β€œ Storage Usage ”: to see the amount of memory used by the Telegram application

Step 3 : Finally, click on ” Clear Telegram Cache ” to clear the cache on the Telegram iOS application.

On Android

Step 1 : Access the Telegram application, then click on the 3 dashes icon in the top left corner of the screen. Next click β€œ Settings ”

Step 2 : Scroll down and click β€œ Data and Storage ”

Step 3 : Click on β€œ Storage Usage ”

Step 4 : Click on ” Clear cache β€œ, here you can also see details about how much space you have used and which categories take up the most space.

Step 5 : Confirm clearing the cache by pressing the ” Clear Cache ” button. If you want to cancel, click ” Cancel β€œ.


In addition to mobile phones, you can also free up Telegram space on your PC with just 4 simple steps:

Step 1 : Open the Telegram application on PC, at the interface, click on the 3 dashes icon and select Settings

Step 2 : Click on β€œ Advanced ”

Step 3 : Scroll down, then click β€œ Manage local storage ”

Step 4 : Finally click the β€œ Clear all ” button and select OK to proceed with clearing the Telegram cache on your PC.

Above are detailed instructions on how to free up Telegram space on iPhone, Android and PC. Telegram Web hopes that through the sharing in the article, it will bring readers a lot of useful information so that they can easily free up space on their Telegram application!

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