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Is Telegram Safe? Scam Warning On Telegram

Many people are curious whether using Telegram is safe ? Recently, scams on this platform have become common and are increasingly difficult to identify. In this article, Telegram Web will introduce common scams today and ways to prevent them.

Is Telegram safe?

The answer is Telegram is a secure messaging app! Telegram is known as a social network with the maximum level of security, even government agencies cannot easily penetrate user data.

All chats and conversations on Telegram are encrypted and securely stored on the server. This ensures that all personal information and shared content is strictly protected.

Additionally, in case users lose connection to their Telegram account, they have the ability to restore all data through server storage, helping to ensure that they do not lose any important information. .

Another special feature is that users can set up many different security layers for their account. This helps prevent account hacking or personal information leaks, creating a safe and secure application usage environment for users.

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging app, known for its high security and scam-free features. However, due to its popularity, some individuals or organizations have taken advantage of Telegram’s messaging feature to carry out fraudulent activities against users. Their tactics are often very sophisticated, possibly involving spoofing or impersonation to appropriate users’ personal assets.

Scam calling for business investment via Telegram

While using the Telegram messaging and calling application, users need to be wary of common scams today. There are unsavory individuals who take advantage of Telegram’s messaging and calling features to persuade others to invest in large projects, promising huge profits.

These scammers often create an image of wealth, owning luxury cars, real estate and international travel to strengthen the trust and ambitions of investors. They use data sharing to present these images to others. Once trust is built, scammers will urge investors to place money in cryptocurrency projects, electronic securities and convert real money into virtual currency.

Initially, investors can receive profits as promised and can withdraw money normally. However, when the investment amount increases, the scammer will “cover it” and take the entire investment amount. They will then cut off contact with those who invested through Telegram.

When using Telegram, users need to be careful with cryptocurrency and electronic stock investment channels on Telegram. When receiving an investment invitation, users should carefully research the project and partners, avoid investing in projects of unknown origin. Additionally, it should be noted that Telegram is not responsible for compensation for problems that arise during the investment process. Therefore, users need to consider and evaluate carefully before deciding to invest.

Fraud to build multi-level teams and communities via Telegram

Telegram allows the creation of community groups that can contain up to 200 thousand user accounts. This creates favorable conditions for scammers to create fake groups with the aim of appropriating users’ money. These groups are often advertised and introduced to users as support groups to make quick money. To make it attractive, scammers often use simple money-making methods such as watching ads, typing text or even participating in virtual orders.

However, to be able to participate in these groups, Telegram users often have to pay a joining fee or pay training fees to have the opportunity to make money. This leaves users unable to achieve the promised profits and unable to refund previously paid costs. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious before participating in community groups of unknown origin on Telegram.

Be careful when using Telegram to be safe and not be scammed

Here are the important things you need to keep in mind to use Telegram safely and avoid being scammed:

  • Don’t believe in the promise of easy money: If there are offers to make money that are too attractive, ask yourself whether you have enough information and knowledge to evaluate and decide to participate.

  • Check the sender’s identity: Before replying to a message or accepting a friend, check their profile to determine their trustworthiness.

  • Do not share important personal information: Absolutely do not share bank account numbers, passwords or security codes with anyone via Telegram.

  • Verify the web address or group name: If you’re invited to join a community group, check the credibility of the web address or group name before joining.

  • Be careful with links in messages: If the message comes from someone you don’t know or talks about excessive things, delete the message and don’t click on the link.

  • Report suspicious activity: If you notice any strange activity or question the safety of a user or community group, report it to Telegram for timely support.

Above is Telegram Web ‘s answer to the question “Is Telegram safe? ” Telegram is a multi-platform application with many outstanding advantages. If you know how to take advantage of its advantages, this is a great messaging tool. However, you need to be careful when using it to avoid being scammed.

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